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Individuality. Simplicity.


Harmony. Continuity.

We understand the complexities of family life. Structures need to adjust as children leave home and have families of their own. Relationships change over time. Divorce requires new strategies on both sides.

Every family is different, which is why we provide an individual level of service covering all aspects of your wealth. Our Private Office team is experienced in succession planning, wealth preservation and other family goals.

We will evaluate the performance of your wealth as a whole and at individual portfolio level. An independent perspective can benefit the structuring of wealth and improve asset and liability management. We can help you to consolidate assets, apply integrated strategies and harmonise interests within the family.




Diversification. Transition.

Managing wealth where business and personal interests overlap presents particular challenges. Through our consolidated reporting and independent perspective, we can identify risk exposures you may not be aware of and recommend strategies to manage them. Concentration risk is among the occupational hazards for entrepreneurs that we can advise on.

Our team can help with the transition from wealth creation to preservation. For example, as you move from business owner to investor, we will recommend asset allocations to match your changing priorities and source the best investment managers for your objectives.

Selling your business requires planning to make the most of the opportunities available. We will work with your advisers to make sure tax planning, wealth structuring and investment strategies are robust and integrated. We can help you turn the success of your business into financial security for your family, philanthropic involvement and your next project.

Senior corporate executives

Discipline. Strategy.

Our independent advice can help you make the most of the rewards from a successful career.

Taking control of retirement planning is a common goal, especially for executives who have multiple pension plans. Our understanding of the changing rules and regulations affecting company and personal pensions, together with effective tax planning, can help protect your benefits.

We can review your investment strategy, optimise asset allocation and take care of portfolio management for you. Our lending services include the use of portfolios to access liquidity when you need it.

We understand how financial priorities can change as you near retirement. With our perspective on the whole of your wealth, we can help you get organised for the next stage of your life. The timing and structure of disposals is crucial: we can provide the right advice at the right time.



Financial professionals

Insight. Priority.

When you are busy dealing with the financial priorities of others, you can easily neglect your own. Our Private Office will help you take care of your personal finances through independent advice and expert support.

Our locations across the UK give you easy access to a team of experienced wealth management professionals who understand your needs.

Our familiarity with industry compensation models means we can advise you on how to optimise your retirement planning and tax position. We have the global research to help you stay on top of investment trends across different markets. We can also monitor the application of any investment restrictions that your investment managers should comply with.


Resident non-domiciled (RND) investors

Efficiency. Protection.

In an increasingly complex environment for international citizens living and working in the UK, our Private Office can help you make the right financial decisions.

Our client advisers are fully trained in the UK’s RND regulations. By getting a complete picture of your wealth, we can make sure asset allocation is appropriate.

We are sensitive to RND requirements concerning UK situs assets and the segregation of income and capital. Our capabilities include portfolio management for UK investor visa holders and investment advisers who specialise in RND portfolios.

Our team of chartered financial planners have an understanding of the implications for RND investors of the UK’s tax rules and they can work closely with your advisers to provide you with coordinated advice and support. If you want advice on tax planning, we have the knowledge to help organise your finances and will involve your advisers and other specialists to create the right plan. 

The Channel Islands and Switzerland are available as offshore jurisdictions. 



Overseas investors

Access. Discretion.

Our Private Office provides access to global wealth management expertise from one of the world’s leading financial centres. We can act as your gateway to investment management providing trusted, reliable support – we can be your confidant and long-term partner that helps you navigate the complexities of a globalised world.

Alongside our own award-winning discretionary investment management built on more than 270 years of UK heritage, we can connect you to suitable investment managers worldwide – including private equity and hedge fund specialists.

We can provide you with account opening, discretionary services and advisory portfolios booked in the Channel Islands or Switzerland. 

Our team’s background with global institutions means we understand the objectives and priorities of overseas investors. Our service is individual and discreet.


Meet the team

A dedicated client adviser will make sure you get everything you need from us. Our Private Office is led by a team that has spent their entire career growing, protecting, and preserving wealth of this scale.

Ian Dembinski

Head of Rathbone Private Office
Ian Dembinski
Head of Rathbone Private Office

Ian joined Rathbones in 2016 as Head of Rathbones Private Office with a focus on larger high net worth clients including entrepreneurs, families and successful individuals looking for tailored investment management services. In July 2019 he was appointed to a wider role of Head of Client Development with responsibility for delivering the optimal Rathbones investment solutions to our clients including portfolio management, financial planning, trusts and international services. Prior to joining Rathbones he was Head of UK domestic private banking at Credit Suisse and Head of UK Ultra high net worth clients at UBS. He is level 6 PCIAM qualified and studied Modern History at Oxford University.

Oliver Craven

Client director
Oliver Craven
Client director

Oliver Craven joined the Private Office of Rathbones in 2019 as a Client Director. His main priority is to help families, entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives and professionals manage all aspects of their wealth.

Prior to joining Rathbones, Oliver was a Private Wealth Advisor at Goldman Sachs where his responsibility was both to bring in new business and to manage the investments of UHNW clients.

Oliver started his career in the Royal Navy and after numerous operational deployments, he had the privilege of being the first Navigating Officer of the Navy’s newest Destroyer, HMS Defender.

Colin Monton

Client development director
Colin Monton
Client development director

Colin is a client development director responsible for ensuring that our clients benefit from the wide range of professional services from Rathbones including portfolio management, financial planning, trusts and international services.  Prior to this role he has been advising private clients and their families on complex estate planning, pension solutions and generational wealth succession since 2001.

Before joining Rathbones in 2016, Colin was a director at Coutts and HSBC International, advising internationally mobile and non-domicile clients on country-specific tax solutions and excluded property trusts.  Furthermore, with RBS International he was a key figure responsible for supporting the group’s growth ambitions in establishing a Middle East wealth management office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Colin is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. Furthermore, he holds qualifications from other jurisdictions, well placing him to support clients with cross-jurisdictional financial planning matters.


We make the management of complex wealth simpler for families, entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, financial professionals, the resident non-domiciled and overseas investors.

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